"Apprentices benefit in their later working lives"

After #klimacon2020 and the climate start-up show “2 Minuten für 2 Grad”, the Vorarlberg-based family business Getzner Textil has recently submitted the apprentice project “Ultrasound measuring” to the regional energy autonomy project Energieautonomie Vorarlberg. Future metalworkers Sengül Güleser and Gian Marco Caflisch (both in the third year of their apprenticeship) carried out the required measurements with a special ultrasound measuring instrument. This allowed the young adults to familiarise themselves with the technical processes in more detail and to calculate significant optimisation and savings potentials.

For the long-standing company Getzner Textil, compressed air is a significant energy supplier – and its consumption is high. With an installed compressor output of 1.65MW, it is one of the company’s main energy consumers. The compressed air is needed, for instance, for  control units, control valves and brakes as well as for pneumatically operated tools in the finishing area.  Of course, some of the greediest consumers are also the state-of-the-art compressed air weaving machines in the mill at the Bludenz site, which produce around 30,000 metres of premium-quality African damasks, fashion and also technical fabrics every day.

Apprentice project “Ultrasound measuring”
“One of the most important optimisation and savings possibilities in the compressed air area is the consistent reduction of network leakages. There are various suitable, efficient and modern technical methods for finding these whilst the equipment is running and in full operation – one of them is the ultrasound measurement method,” explains Getzner Textil AG’s energy officer Markus Dietrich. The apprentice project “Ultrasound measuring” was therefore initiated in order to track down potential leakages and to be able to document and evaluate the identified measurement values. Getzner Textil AG purchased a special ultrasound measuring instrument in order to be able to offer the future qualified experts the optimum conditions for their project. The apprentices also took part in a professional training course offered by the measuring instrument manufacturer, where they learnt the theoretical basics of this measuring method with the help of interesting examples and practical exercises.

Raise awareness
The project was not only aimed at optimising the energy consumption – in actual fact, it was designed to raise the young adults’ awareness of the valuable and cost-intensive energy supplier compressed air, including all of its advantages and disadvantages in the various areas where it us used. The apprentices therefore gained an extensive overview of the machines, instruments and components used, as well as the network set-up, in order to be able to identify weaknesses as well as optimisations independently. The apprentices were also given the chance to use state-of-the-art and interesting measuring equipment which can be used in various areas of preventative maintenance and fault finding, and is not exactly standard. “Our apprentices will benefit from the knowledge they have gained, for example in the areas of the components, fault finding, but also energy management, in their later working lives,” says Perrine Getzner, head of Getzner Textil AG’s vocational training department.

Gian Marco Caflisch, apprentice metalworker in the third year of his apprenticeship, measures compressed air with the aid of ultrasound.


Image: GTAG

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