For us, environmental protection is more than just a catchphrase

The headquarters of Getzner Textil are located in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, which is why the environment lies very close to our hearts and why, when it comes to product development, it receives just as much attention as customer benefits. Our team is committed to improving the environmental performance of all our company locations. Not content with just making an active contribution towards environmental protection, sustainability is ingrained in our company culture.

“We are gradually meticulously examining all of our processes and everyday procedures with a critical eye: How is the energy generated? Where does the water come from? What chemicals are used? No other manufacturer offers sustainability at this level.”

Gerhard Leitner, head of the business unit Shirting

We solve tomorrow's problems today

We have been working continuously on the reduction of its heat, water and electricity consumption for years. On the one hand, this has been possible by using the latest technologies and on the other, through the ongoing modernisation and upgrading of the existing equipment. In this way, we have managed to reduce the specific heat requirements of the Bludenz production facilities with targeted measures by a quarter since 2009, for example. In 2014, our company won its first “klimaaktiv” certificate (within the scope of a climate protection initiative by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism) for its efforts in this respect.

In 2001, we started to operate our own district heating network. Since then, our textile manufacturing company has provided heat to numerous public buildings in the immediate vicinity of our head office as well as the local indoor and outdoor swimming pool – a sustainable project that results in a triple win-win situation as the environment, the heat consumers and Getzner Textil as the energy supplier benefit. The carbon saved thanks to the district heating network amounts to around 1,000 tons in total every year. In November 2018, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism presented another certificate to Getzner following the extension of its district heating network, which now also heats a pool at the local spa and sports centre (Val Blu).

We develop sustainable production processes

The finishing processes in the textiles industry inherently demand high energy, water and chemical consumption levels. Getzner’s future-focused environmental policies and active involvement in environmental protection serve the long-term security of its site. All raw materials are processed in accordance with the strictest environmental protection standards.



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Please find more information in our environmental brochure or on our YouTube Channel.


Images and Video: Frl. Müller & Söhne, Stocksy

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