New autumn/winter collection features shirts with eco-friendly finish

Getzner Textil presents its new autumn/winter 2020 shirting collection. The latest innovation, besides the new designs and colours: Getzner is the only supplier in the shirting area to not only take sustainability into account in its production processes but to also offer an eco-friendly end product. Its innovative “ECO SOFT” finish makes it possible to manufacture the organic “Revo Cotton” based products without any synthetic resin, formaldehyde and silicones – whilst maintaining high laundering and ironing standards. The textile specialist with over 200 years of manufacturing experience produces exclusively in Europe.

Getzner Textil presents its new autumn/winter 2020 shirting collection. One of the collection’s highlights is a new process: thanks to the new “ECO SOFT” finish, all of the company’s organic “Revo Cotton” products will be finished without the use of synthetic resin, formaldehyde and silicones from the summer of 2020 onwards. Gerhard Leitner, the director of Getzner’s shirting business unit, provides more background information: “Due to the strict environmental regulations that apply in the countries where we manufacture our products, all of our production stages have already been sustainable for many years. We also rely on sustainably farmed raw materials. The obvious next step was therefore to add an eco-friendly end product to the sustainable manufacturing chain – by the way, we are the first to do so. After all, everyone will ultimately benefit from an exemplary ecological footprint,” explains Gerhard Leitner. The company produces its fabrics exclusively in Europe. Focusing early on the issue of sustainability has made Getzner Textil a pioneer in the textile industry.

The long-standing Austrian business has also invested heavily in trend scouting. Not least also with the support of external consultants, it has developed a total of 1,300 trendy items. Getzner’s new autumn/winter 2020 shirting collection is available in a fashion and a corporate fashion version. “The new shirting fabrics are extremely attractive, both in terms of the designs and colours and also with regard to their feel. The fabrics are very comfortable to wear and outstandingly finished – like all Getzner products. There are hardly any limits to meeting our customers’ individual requirements – which is not just great for us but above all for the buyers,” emphasises Gerhard Leitner.

Manufacturing chain that is 100% sustainable
Getzner considers the issue of sustainability throughout the company. The story of how the new “ECO SOFT” finish came about is more than logical: “From an environmental perspective, it was paradoxical to treat high-quality organic cotton fabric with a range of different chemicals. That is not exactly our idea of true sustainability; so we thought the whole thing through and developed the concept further. Thanks to a new technology, we can now offer this innovative finish without any quality sacrifices, for example with regard to the fabric’s washability and whether it can be ironed,” says Gerhard Leitner. “No other manufacturer offers sustainability at this level.” Getzner is also addressing transparency along the production chain. The company has committed itself to compliance with strict environmental and resource conservation standards; its fashion fabrics have therefore been awarded the “Made in Green by OEKO-TEX” eco-label. Not only the environment benefits from this commitment; its customers are also impressed: “Especially the major brands increasingly value sustainability,” says Gerhard Leitner.

Design trends in a consistently high quality
The Getzner company’s collection includes products in the areas of urban, business and sportswear fabrics; many of these are available in non-iron versions. The collection is divided into five different colour themes: the intensive “Vibration Harmonies”, the lively “Striking Contrast”, the sophisticated “In the Shadow”, the calm “Romantic Softness” and the classic “Vintage Preppy”. Many renowned designers are highly impressed by the designs: “With the new collection, we are making the most of our extensive possibilities. From pattern design to finishing, there is a lot of leeway if you have the necessary expertise. In the business area, for example, we are relying on mottled and marled designs. We are very satisfied with the result: the collection looks confident, reliable and well-balanced,” explains Gabriele Rossi, Getzner Textil’s head product manager for shirting. Printed patterns also play a major role: “We print fabrics with different textures whilst maintaining a consistent print quality. For example, the patterns on our textured fabrics that look almost plain-coloured are very elaborate to produce. The end result only looks good if a manufacturer knows what they are doing. Thanks to our 200 years of experience, we have what it takes. For elegant business styles, we use jacquards as well as elaborate dobby weaves, which leads to amazing results that are extremely popular,” says Gabriele Rossi.

Digitalisation – working more customised in less time
The company also proves its innovative spirit when it comes to the advancing digitalisation, which is also affecting the textile industry. In order to assist designers with meeting the increased demand for customised designs and to reduce the time between initial idea and supply, the Austrian textile manufacturer is increasing its measures for the digitalisation of the collection manufacturing process. Trends are changing increasingly rapidly, and the buying behaviour has also changed considerably. “Cooperating with our customers is one of our top priorities. That is why we are rapidly pushing ahead with the digitalisation of our processes – to ensure that our customers can work faster and more flexibly, and to reduce the time that passes between the initial idea to its availability in the shops. We intend to digitalise our collections to the effect that it is easy to preview the cuts and samples. This also makes it easier to customise the designs,” says Gerhard Leitner, explaining the company’s commitment to digital. Getzner’s digitalisation also has an effect on the marketing channels: in future, it will be possible for smaller or up-and-coming designers to also buy smaller quantities of fabric for their work, for example via the external “sustainability platform” What is certain is that quality and flexibility will also be highly in demand in future.

Thanks to the new “ECO SOFT” finish, all of the company’s organic “Revo Cotton” products will be finished without any synthetic resin, formaldehyde and silicones from the summer of 2020 onwards (shirting fabrics, from top to bottom: with elegant stripes, with miniature dobby weave texture, checks with dobby weave effect and another version of the miniature dobby weave texture – Revo Cotton, ECO SOFT, Made in Green).


Image: Karl Huber

New treatments such as the sustainable fabric finish ECO SOFT are developed and realised at Getzner Textil AG’s Bludenz site (picture: the Getzner Textil weaving mill).


Image: Marcel Hagen, Studio22

Getzner closes the gap in the sustainable production chain and becomes the first textile manufacturer to offer an eco-friendly product in the shirting area.


Image: iStock, sorendls

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