"Optimum work-life balance"

On Friday, 31 January 2020, Vorarlberg’s governor Markus Wallner awarded certificates for their exemplary commitment to numerous companies based in the region. Getzner Textil was once again delighted to win the sought-after certificate, which has been awarded every two years since its initiation in 1998.

This year, particularly family-friendly companies in the Vorarlberg region were rewarded for their efforts in five categories for the twelfth edition. “The management board and the representatives of the human resources department of Getzner Textil AG are delighted to have won this certificate in recognition of the company’s long-term efforts to create a good work-life balance,” said head of human resources Dr Matthias Walter at the awards ceremony in the Messequartier Dornbirn, and then went into more detail: “A good work-life balance depends on a supportive environment. The most important relationships our employees have are those with their families, so of course the company does everything it can to promote these in the best-possible way.” He believes that family-friendly structures have a positive impact on the company’s success. Filiz Akin, the works council employee representative, concurred: increased motivation, stronger employee loyalty, a lower staff fluctuation level as well as fewer days off due to illness and less absenteeism, for example, are also all effects of a family-friendly human resource policy.

Flexible working hours and childcare provision
Over the past few years, the company has undertaken a wide range of efforts in this respect: it has not only introduced flexible working hours (e.g. special shift models for married couples) but also made it possible to work from home, and ensured the support of a psychologist for employees that are facing family-related issues. Not least, the in-house workplace nursery “Getzners Buntstiftle” was set up in cooperation with Caritas Bludenz and the local government in 2016. The company also intends to strictly pursue its focus on a good work-life balance further in future.

Getzner Textil once again won a “Certified family-friendly company” award.

Image: Land Vorarlberg/Werner Micheli

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