Well dressed in West Africa thanks to Getzner Textil

Getzner Textil is very successful in Africa with high-quality apparel damasks. An unrivalled technological know-how ensures unsurpassed dazzle and trendy designs make us very successful in this product segment. Continuous innovation, highest quality standards, and still untapped market segments are the basis for additional growth in the Africa division.

Our Africa damasks are mostly used for boubous. The large boubou is a loosely falling, wide garment that is worn in West Africa.

The large boubou is today’s traditional clothing in West African countries. It is not only worn every day, but also on religious occasions such as Friday prayers at the mosque, family celebrations such as weddings, and other festive occasions. Sophisticated boubous are considered status symbols of the family and are passed on from one generation to the next.

Unfortunately, we cannot sell to consumers directly. If you are interested in buying damask by the meter or the yard, in single pieces, or entire bolts, please contact our boutique in Lustenau.


If you are interested in buying damask by the meter or the yard, in single pieces or entire bolts, please contact us.

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