Getzner Brocade

This premium 100% cotton product – all versions of it, which all come in a width of 160cm – is utterly comfortable to wear thanks to its exquisite, sophisticated feel. Our innovative manufacturing technology gives our brocade fabrics a unique, silky finish and feel that is typical for our product – and, most importantly, this finish does not fade after washing.

A wide range of designs and more than 160 colours provide discerning customers with an almost unlimited choice. We do not only produce plain-coloured brocades in bright shades (“Super Magnum Gold”),but also patterned fabrics using dyed yarns (“WIFI”). Another product innovation is a finish that makes it possible to manufacture an iridescent tonic fabric (“Annour”) completes our product portfolio.

Our premium print is called “Madame Getzner” and comes in a width of 160cm- We create exclusive patterns in well-balanced colour combinations on exquisite brocade fabric.

Genuine Getzner brocade fabrics always feature a woven selvedge and the golden Getzner stamp, and typically emanate a subtle scent of roses.


If you are interested in buying brocade by the meter or the yard, in single pieces or entire bolts, please contact us.

Getzner Textil Handel GmbH – Boutique
Am Böhler 12
A-6890 Lustenau

T: 0043-5577-84641
F: 0043-5577-846417

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