Current collection

The colour themes of the current season

The new season's special focus is on sustainability. Eco-friendly fabrics made from natural raw materials - such as Tencel, organic cotton, linen and wool - or even recycled materials are indispensable for a contemporary, dynamic and conscious lifestyle.

Inspired by nature  

The colour spectrums could not be more sophisticated and diverse in the autumn/winter 2024/25 season. Thus, we experience wintry seaside atmospheres with cheeky flashes of colouring as well as autumnal nuances, refreshed with cheerful, gentle spring tones. Classic minimalism moves between austere essentials and slightly matt pastel shades. Free mixes with saturated colours, but also faded tones, are not to be missed. A bold, witty and all-encompassing "Viva Magenta" becomes an important hue this season.

For business and sport 

In the business sector, the focus is on elegant plain colours in Natural Stretch, subtle stripes and checks - ecologically sustainable and functional. For the sporty look, the protagonists are the brushed and heavy flannel fabrics for the creation of the Over Shirt, which is not a shirt or even a normal jacket, but can be worn in both ways.

Cold Luminosity
Fresh Accents
Free Mixes