Environmental projects

Innovation meets environment

Getzner Textil has made it the company's mission to not only focus on the customer benefit during product development but above all on the protection of people, the environment and our natural resources. Ecology and sustainability are core elements of our corporate philosophy. In the course of our environmental policy, we are implementing numerous projects.

District heating through waste heat utilisation

Getzner Textil began preparations for the implementation of waste heat recovery as early as 2000. A forward-looking project with a triple win-win situation: good for the customers, Getzner Textil AG as an energy supplier and for the environment. The district heating network, which was put into operation in 2001, has since supplied numerous public buildings in the immediate vicinity of the company's headquarters as well as the local Val Blu outdoor and indoor swimming pool with heat. The network consists of about 2,000 metres of pipeline.

There are two sources of waste heat at Getzner Textil: Compressors and flue gas heat exchangers of the steam boiler plants. Of the total heat input of 11.3 GWh, 6.2 GWh is used internally each year and the rest is made available for public buildings.

Zero carbon mobility

For many years, Getzner Textil has also implemented important measures in the area of employee transport in order to further raise the workforce‘s environmental and sustainability awareness. These include, for example, providing public transport season tickets (rail and bus) as well as company bicycles and lucrative incentives for zero carbon commuting (within the scope of its „EcoPoints“ initiative).

Getzner bee sponsorship

For many years now, the locally based beekeeper „Ländle Imker“ has fought for the continued survival of bees. He intends to make an  active contribution to the conservation of the region‘s biodiversity through the distribution of strong and healthy honeybee colonies. An important and future-oriented project which Getzner Textil is only too happy to support. Without further ado, bee hives were installed on the company‘s own flower meadow to offer these important insects a safe haven.