Our values

Meaning, goals and values

We are proud of 200 years of company history and shape new things with courage and consistency. We work on the development of technical innovations for the future with know-how and passion.

What makes us a top employer? As one of the most important and modern fabric manufacturers in the world, we take responsibility for our employees and a liveable environment. This is how excellent products with added value are created. That means success for us.

Our values are the basis of our entrepreneurial actions. They determine the relationship with our partners and customers. They are the benchmark for our daily dealings with each other. And they give us orientation and security.

What guides us?

Entrepreneurial courage

We create new things with courage and consistency, and dare to question the established. With vision and passion for technology, we create value for our customers.

What unites us.

We are guided by performance and competence; we learn from mistakes. To achieve the best solution, we encourage open and critical discussions. We pay attention to diversity, mutual appreciation and strive for consensus.

Standing up for each other.

We are regionally anchored, committed to family, employees and the environment, bound by tradition and strengthened by active communication. Trust and credibility are important to us.

Economically moderate.

We implement our decisions with perseverance. By investing in the companies, we create value and secure long-term success. Preserving the financial health of the companies guides our actions.

With attentiveness and vision

What are we proud of? We make decisions with foresight and always have the big picture in mind. This is how we create unique products with added value and a culture of mutual appreciation.

For us, social responsibility means treating each other fairly and with respect. In order to be able to produce in a resource-saving way, we rely on highly modern and sustainable processes. With our continuing innovative strength, we are a source of inspiration and a solution partner for our customers.