Getzner Textil

Shaping the future

Getzner Textil AG was founded in 1818 as a family business in Bludenz. Today, the company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of clothing damasks, fashion fabrics and technical textiles.

Getzner stands for innovative textiles with the highest quality standards.

We are the world champion exporter of fine damask fabrics, a top employer for around 1,611 employees, and one of the most important and modern fabric manufacturers in the world. With our locations in the heart of Europe, we generate sales of more than 490 million euros per year.

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Always trying to do our best

Thanks to cooperation with our innovative subsidiaries, visions can be turned into reality. The results are exclusive textiles as well as technologically sophisticated fabrics.

The right textiles for your business

Getzner Textil Group is one of the most innovative fabric manufacturers in Europe and offers a wide range of highly functional textiles for the most diverse requirements.