Der Einsatz von abriebfesten Geweben von Getzner Textil erhöht die Widerstandsfähigkeit und sorgt für eine lange Lebensdauer auch bei starker Beanspruchung.

Abrasion resistant


Mechanical stress leads to wear and tear. Our technical fabrics withstand abrasion and therefore offer an extended service life.

Mechanical stress, whether applied constantly over a long period of time or suddenly and forcefully on one particular point, causes fabric to tear. In both cases, wear and tear is the result. Sooner or later, it will damage the fabric structure to such an extent that the fabric ceases to function. Using our abrasion resistant fabrics means more durability and an extended service life. This not only protects the fabric but also minimises the risk of user injury.

Individually adapted for every challenge

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GUARDIANTEX is a high-tech special fabric for personal protective equipment. Thanks to numerous functional properties, material combinations, coatings and colours, GUARDIANTEX meets the high demands of a wide variety of professions. One important area of application, for example, is protective equipment for military and police forces. However, it is also used in many other areas where people need personal protection as they perform their jobs – from workwear for forest workers to protective clothing for motorcyclists.


SR-Multisafe is a true all-rounder. It is water, dirt and oil repellent, can be made either from cotton, polyester or polyamide and is suitable for use in a wide range of areas, from industry to forest work. It is a versatile and flexible safety fabric that is also used for safety vests and high-visibility clothing in the respective colour. SR-Multisafe meets standards EN 20 471 for high visibility and UV 801 for protection against solar radiation.