Wir setzen neue Maßstäbe im Non-Iron-Bereich. Die bügelfreien Stoffe von Getzner Textil sind nicht nur pflegeleicht sondern auch edel und besonders angenehm zu tragen.


Setting new textile standards

With Non-Iron, a cutting-edge textile technology moves into the wardrobe. This innovation from Getzner Textil sets completely new standards for non-iron fabrics.

A special process gives the cotton a much higher dimensional stability. The special quality of Non-Iron is noticeable from the very first touch: fine, long-staple cotton yarns make the fabric pleasantly flowing and pleasant to the touch. Compared to conventional fabrics, Non-Iron has a very low tendency to crease, which becomes apparent as soon as you wear it. Due to the special cross-linking of the cotton, the fabric almost smoothes itself out after washing. For this reason, the fibres come back into shape more easily. This effect remains even after many machine washes.