Die chemikalienabweisenden Gewebe von Getzner Textil sorgen für mehr Sicherheit und Arbeitsschutz.

Protection from hazardous chemicals


In the chemical and chemical processing industry, the occupational health and safety regulations are particularly strict. Our chemical resistant fabrics fulfil an important function in these areas. 

The potential health hazards posed by chemical substances are as varied as the substances themselves. It is therefore even more important that we recognise the potential hazards and know as much as possible about the chemicals used, as the only way to prevent harm is the use of respectively suitable chemical resistant fabrics. These are divided into six different performance categories: gas-tight, non-gas-tight, liquid tight, spray tight, protection against solid particulates and limited protective performance against liquid chemicals. Even Type-6 protective clothing cannot offer complete protection. However, foreseeable hazards can certainly be mitigated by the respective fabrics. Their effectiveness can be reliably verified on the basis of the respective standards such as EN 13034. 

own brand


GUARDIANTEX is a high-tech special fabric for personal protective equipment. Thanks to numerous functional properties, material combinations, coatings and colours, GUARDIANTEX meets the high demands of a wide variety of professions. One important area of application, for example, is protective equipment for military and police forces. However, it is also used in many other areas where people need personal protection as they perform their jobs – from workwear for forest workers to protective clothing for motorcyclists.