Work and family

We care about our employees

We employ around 1,000 people at our main location in Bludenz. We do not want to miss out on their know-how, even if they decide to start a family. Our in-house toddler care in the “Getzners Buntstiftle” makes it easier for working parents to combine work and family. In addition, our flexible flexitime model with different working models facilitates the organisation of family and professional life.

We have won several awards

Getzners Buntstiftle – Year-round child care

We offer children aged 12 months to 3 years a qualified and year-round childcare place (full or half day). Our facility enables the children to make their first contacts away from the family and to form friendships as well as to gain experience in the group by being together with their peers. Security and attention are just as important as the promotion of cognitive, creative, motor and musical skills. The little ones are offered a family atmosphere in which they will feel at home. Mehr Informationen zur Einreichtung und zum Betreuungskonzept finden Sie hier

Getzners Buntspechtle – Experiencing nature

At the "Getzners Buntspechtle" nature childcare, the children spend most of their time outdoors – rituals such as the daily morning circle or having a snack together take place in nature. Life with the seasons and the different weather conditions are playfully incorporated into everyday life. Mehr Informationen zur Einreichtung und zum Betreuungskonzept finden Sie hier

“In our increasingly individualised world, the family has a special significance as a central community of relationships. It is the primary place where people experience trust, security, care and solidarity. As a family business with deep roots in the region, we feel committed to this essential community of values. With this in mind, we want to make an active contribution through a variety of measures to ensure that our employees can optimally combine family and career.”
Roland Comploj, Chairman of the Board/CEO
Roland Comploj – CEO der Getzner Textil.

A focus on people