Die aktustischen Gewebe von Getzner Textil sorgen für mehr Ruhe und reduzieren Schall um bis zu 90 Prozent.

Sound absorbing


Acoustic noise can be reduced in many different ways. Compared to other solutions, noise protection fabrics have the advantage that they are flexible, offer particularly varied design options and also function extremely efficient.  

Unlike plastic soundproofing elements in floors and walls, sound absorbing ceiling panels, wood or other materials, our fabrics are flexible and permeable, which is an advantage. Permeability means that some sound waves permeate fabrics as they do not have a closed surface structure. This considerably reduces the intensity of any noise, because noise protection fabrics have more body, different surface structures and a particular density. Architects particularly appreciate their flexibility and versatility.



acunic, a Getzner Textil AG brand, stands for extremely effective sound absorption with the aid of acoustic fabrics. These fabrics are a functional solution that also meets the most discerning standards – of architects, interior designers or also acoustics consultants. The effectiveness of acunic is due to its special weaving techniques with 3D structure.