Hoher Schutz bei schlechten Lichtverhältnissen garantiert das Gewebe mit Reflexionsfunktion und hoher Sichtbarkeit von Getzner Textil.

High visibility


Our high-visibility, reflective fabrics offer protection in many situations – above all in diffuse light conditions or darkness. They are used to manufacture workwear as well as leisure time activity clothing.

High-visibility fabrics contain light-reflecting yarns. They make people or objects stand out from their environment and therefore easier to see. High visibility is important both in bright daylight when the sun is shining and also in inclement weather conditions or in areas with limited visibility. High visibility is particularly vital for people working for the emergency services, forestry workers, security personnel or people that are exposed to traffic or work at railway stations and airports. 


SR-Multisafe ist eine Eigenmarke von Getzner Textil. Sie steht für einen vielseitigen Einsatz und mehr textilen Schutz.


SR-Multisafe is a true all-rounder. It is water, dirt and oil repellent, can be made either from cotton, polyester or polyamide and is suitable for use in a wide range of areas, from industry to forest work. It is a versatile and flexible safety fabric that is also used for safety vests and high-visibility clothing in the respective colour. SR-Multisafe meets standards EN 20 471 for high visibility and UV 801 for protection against solar radiation.