Damit sich eine Person wohlfühlen kann spielt die Bekleidung eine sehr relevante Rolle. Um vollsten Komfort bieten zu können wurden die hautverträglichen, mit Aloe Vera versetzten, Gewebe von Getzner Textil entwickelt.

Skin Care

The skin says thank you with the plant power of aloe vera

International studies prove that in an occupational context, productivity, performance and the level of concentration are directly linked to the respective person's feeling of well-being. Clothing is a decisive factor.

People that feel comfortable in their "second skin" are in a better mood, more focused, more relaxed and ultimately more productive. Skin Care in combination with the power of aloe vera makes an important contribution to this. Aloe Vera is a plant extract harvested from organically grown desert lilies. This healing plant contains around 200 active substances, and for thousands of years people have believed it to have particular properties beneficial to the skin: aloe vera combats inflammation, helps wounds to heal more quickly and moisturieses the skin. When used in the production of clothing, it ensures that garments feel gentle on the skin and are comfortable to wear.