Die chemikalienabweisenden Gewebe von Getzner Textil sorgen für mehr Sicherheit und Arbeitsschutz.

Vector protection


Vectors are extremely small creatures such as ticks or mosquitoes that bite; in other words, blood sucking articulates and insects. They are often transmitters of diseases and therefore pose a huge health risk whilst working or otherwise. Especially in subtropical and tropical regions, the respective protection is very important. This is where our fabrics with vector protection are used.

Although ordinary insect repellents do offer some protection, they are not suitable for permanent use. To offer effective protection against vectors, the clothing worn must contain fabrics that have been proofed with respectively efficient substances. These fabrics are always integrated into the outermost layer. A thin layer of clothing is worn underneath to ensure that the vector protection does not touch the bare skin yet offers optimum protection.

Individually adapted to every challenge



GUARDIANTEX is a high-tech special fabric for personal protective equipment. Thanks to numerous functional properties, material combinations, coatings and colours, GUARDIANTEX meets the high demands of a wide variety of professions. One important area of application, for example, is protective equipment for military and police forces. However, it is also used in many other areas where people need personal protection as they perform their jobs – from workwear for forest workers to protective clothing for motorcyclists.