Company fire brigade

Getzner Company fire brigade

"We are very pleased, and here I may speak on behalf of all our comrades, that our company fire department is allowed to be such an important part of the Getzner Group!"
Jürgen Kurz, Chief Fire Officer

With passion for fire protection and a safe workplace

Today, the oldest and largest existing company fire department in Vorarlberg, together with the local fire department in Bludenz, is part of the hazardous materials and radiation protection base for the Vorarlberg Oberland and is called out several times to help the civilian population. In addition, regular drills, training courses and participation in firefighting performance courses are still on the agenda of the proven Florianjünger. The company fire department is a very important pillar for the company, as fire protection is an extremely high and important priority. This can be guaranteed with the more than 70 active comrades of the company fire department, who voluntarily make a significant contribution to the safety and maintenance of the companies at any time of the day or night.

A piece of history of the Getzner company fire department

An important part of the company's history is the company fire department of Getzner Textil AG, which was founded in 1939. The decisive factor for this was the independent water supply through the construction of a deep well on the company premises. Josef Zach - the first commander of the Bürs Volunteer Fire Department also took over the group at the Bleiche plant. In September 1939, the training courses for the fire department were intensified in order to be able to bridge the task forces that had been called up to the Wehrmacht. With the incorporation of the company fire department into the Vorarlberg State Fire Department Association, our company fire department also assumed all the duties of the local volunteer fire departments. With the purchase of the Opel Blitz fire engine in 1961, the fire department was greatly modernized. At the same time, a fire department garage was built on the company premises to accommodate the equipment.

Further development and modernization of the company fire department

Ignaz Batlogg, commander from 1950 to 1983, was largely responsible for the development of the Getzner company fire department during these years. In 1983, the previous safety officer, Ing. Richard Pösel, took over the position of commander.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new fire station, which houses the vehicles and equipment, took place in 2011. The integrated training and recreation rooms offer space for 50 people and are equipped with the latest multimedia systems.

The 80th anniversary of the Getzner company fire department could be celebrated in 2019.