Durch die intelligente Beschichtung von schmutzabweisenden Textilien von Getzner, werden Pflegeaufwand und Kosten reduziert.

Dirt repellent


Dirt repellent fabric offers more than just visual benefits. It is also much easier to care for and therefore saves money.

Nahaufnahme einer robusten, roten Arbeitshose von Getzner Textil, die Sicherheitsstandards erfüllt, getragen von einem Profi mit einer Motorsäge in der Hand, um die Langlebigkeit und Qualität der Schutzbekleidung zu demonstrieren.

It's actually quite simple: All a fabric needs to protect it against dirt (or also water) is impregnation. However, as there are many different types of dirt, this calls for a wide variety of solutions. Depending on the requirements, we develop and produce fabrics that protect against fat-based, particularly staining or other liquids and solids. They are impregnated with a fluorine and carbon or a Teflon® coating. Our dirt repellent fabrics are used to manufacture workwear or protective coveralls, as well as clothing for members of the emergency services, military or police. 



GUARDIANTEX is a high-tech special fabric for personal protective equipment. Thanks to numerous functional properties, material combinations, coatings and colours, GUARDIANTEX meets the high demands of a wide variety of professions. One important area of application, for example, is protective equipment for military and police forces. However, it is also used in many other areas where people need personal protection as they perform their jobs – from workwear for forest workers to protective clothing for motorcyclists.