Die eco-soften Stoffe von Getzner Textil sind umweltschonend und hautfreundlich.

Eco soft

Natural and skin-friendly

The environmentally friendly Eco Soft product range does not contain any synthetic resin, formaldehyde, silicones or optical brighteners, but still has a soft texture and is easy to iron. Getzner Textil also offers the entire range of weaving techniques in Eco Soft quality.

In addition to plain fabrics, the Eco Soft collection also includes check, texture, coloured and dobby fabrics. The figures, for example with regard to the fabrics' high laundry and ironing standards, also prove the outstanding performance of the products that have been manufactured in an environmentally compatible way. Fabrics treated with this finish have a crease pattern of 2.5 to 2.75 Monsanto points. Getzner Textil has been focusing on resource-saving textile production for years. We also produce exclusively in Europe.

“With Eco Soft, we are opening up completely new ways for designers to create attractive and at the same time more sustainable textiles.”
Gerhard Leitner, Business Manager Shirting

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