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Sports Equipment

Hot-air balloon fabrics and sailcloth

In high performance sports and also in everyday sports activities, you have to be able to rely on your equipment 100%.


That is why professional as well as amateur sailors and balloonists opt for our fabrics, which perform perfectly when it comes to making optimum use of the wind, testing their limits and utilising all possibilities. They are super lightweight and thin yet also extremely strong.

Many of the hot-air balloon envelopes used in numerous competitions are equipped with our high-tech fabrics. Our fabrics have also proved their worth in sailing – not least at one of the world's hardest regattas, the America's Cup.

"Every day, the complexity of technical fabrics and the incredibly wide range of areas where they are used inspires our innovative spirit and motivates us to perform outstanding achievements for our customers."
Gerhard Bögl, Product Development Technical Textiles
Heißluftballon mit Getzner Textil Logo schwebt über einer Bergkette unter klarem blauen Himmel.

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