Code of Conduct

Who we are and what we believe in

Roland Comploj, CEO der Getzner Textil AG.

Respectful, mutual cooperation - in accordance with our corporate values - as well as the conscious perception of social responsibility and the protection of the environment, people and also resources form the basis of our success. We are aware of our social responsibility as well as our responsibility towards our business partners as well as our competitors and we consciously think outside of the box. For over 200 years, these aspects have been deeply anchored in our corporate philosophy.

We are committed to treating all persons as equals - regardless of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic or national origin, political opinion or physical or mental impairment - and we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. For us, the focus is on people, and this includes the consequent observance of human and employee rights.

The Code of Conduct of the Getzner Textil Group summarises the major principles of our actions and our conduct towards business partners and the public in general. It provides employees, managers and the Executive Board with a guideline as an orientation on the following topics:

  • Our commitment: What do we believe in?
  • Our corporate values: Our mission statement
  • Our principles of behaviour: e.g. human rights, remuneration, training, safety, communication and social responsibility
  • Our responsibility towards business partners and competitors: e.g. anti-corruption, sponsoring, money laundering, international trade
  • Our social responsibility: e.g. protection of the environment, data, trade secrets and assets
  • How do we implement the Code of Conduct: e.g. misconduct or consequences of such, report-ing, protection of whistleblowers

Download area

The Code of Conduct is available for download here.