Nahaufnahme einer robusten, roten Arbeitshose von Getzner Textil, die Sicherheitsstandards erfüllt, getragen von einem Profi mit einer Motorsäge in der Hand, um die Langlebigkeit und Qualität der Schutzbekleidung zu demonstrieren.


Well-protected for maximum concentration on the job

The protective function of workwear depends inherently on the use of technical fabrics.


Arbeiter in einer Getzner Textil Arbeitshose aus strapazierfähigem Material, bedient einen Schraubstock in einer Werkstatt, was die Funktionalität und Robustheit der Berufsbekleidung unterstreicht.

Our products are used by leading forestry workwear manufacturers for chainsaw protection trousers or jackets, for example. They are also used to manufacture workwear for high voltage technicians that protects them against exposure to high voltage. Equally, high visibility vests or reflective stripes to make the wearer easier to see are also made from our fabrics. 

We offer a wide spectrum of ready-made solutions to meet the various requirements. However, we are also a sought-after partner for many customers when it comes to the development customised fabrics for specific purposes. Incidentally, our production site is certified to EN 20471 standard.

Innovative fabrics for the most exacting demands

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