The Getzner Textil AG

We are among the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality apparel damasks (Africa damask) as well as fashion fabrics for shirts and blouses.
Corporate fashion as well as technical fabrics round off the innovative product range.


The family business Getzner, Mutter & Cie was founded in 1818 by Christian Getzner, Franz Xaver Mutter and Andreas Gassner.


Clothing damasks of the best qualities (export share 100%).
Fashion fabrics, colour-woven and piece-dyed made from cotton and blends (export share approx. 98%).
Technical Textiles


740 employees
(including subsidiaries 1.350)


EUR 290 million, of which 98% from exports
Exports to more than 60 countries

Textile sales

GTAG: 28 million running meters
Group: 69 million running meters


6 weaving mills with 760 looms
4 finishing plants and 2 dye mills


In more than 30 countries


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