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The colour themes of the 2025 summer season

In the summer of 2025, fabrics not only look good – they also impress with their functionality. Non-iron and natural stretch offer a certain freedom and flexibility, which is in demand in both the sports and the urban segments. Compact twill fabrics with a clear design are the preferred choice for business shirts, but false solids, textured microstructures, florals, and new jacquards are also “en vogue” this season. High-quality linen and linen blends are just as much a part of summer 2025 as seersucker and all slightly wavy qualities.

It’s getting brighter
In terms of color, medium tones dominate – white shades and off-white gain strength through the textures of the materials. These shades are used as a background, often in monochromatic and subtle color combinations, to highlight more livelier accents in bold, vibrant colors.

The color palette of summer
Warmer color shades, such as orange, add a lively touch to the overall look. Red tones are dominant in contrast to the other colors and combine with intense pink, while creamy pink tones create pleasant and appealing combinations. Blue in various shades and occasional green tones lend the palette a refreshing component. Gray tones establish themselves in the summer color spectrum and offer a variety of color nuances to create metallic effects.

Rich and Dark
Shady Softness