Focus on people

As one of the world‘s most important and modern woven textile manufacturers, we take responsibility for our workforce and an environment that‘s worth living in, as this is the only way to create excellent and unique products with added value – which is our idea of success.

Perfect work-life balance

In our company, work-life balance is not just a buzzword but policy. A „good“ work-life balance depends on a supportive environment. The families of our employees represent their main social relationships, and the company promotes these as much as it can. That is also the reason why we have already won several „familyfriendly company“ and „best employer“ awards.

Going with the times

With our „Getzner Academy“, we are establishing the optimum framework conditions for providing optimum support to our employees at their respective career and life stages. Getzner Textil AG‘s extensive further training and education programme is designed to arouse their curiosity and to motivate our employees to continuously discover something new, as we are passionately committed to their further personal growth.

What are our defining qualities?

We are deeply rooted in our region, and are extremely aware of our responsibilities towards families, our workforce and the  environment, of course – these factors represent the basis of our success. Getzner Textil shows courage in business, but always accompanied by economic prudence; i.e. we always ensure that our company is financially healthy. We act with foresight and take carefully considered decisions to be able to ensure our success long-term and in a sustainable way. However, promoting open communication is also extremely
important to us – we demonstrate diversity as well as mutual appreciation, and are there for each other.

Focus on people

We offer a number of additional benefits designed to enrich both the everyday working as well as the home lives of our workforce. These include, for example, flexitime or flexible working hour models, being able to work from home, individual and team coaching, meal subsidies, and last but not least, our own in-house workplace nursery „Getzners Buntstiftle“. Both the physical as well as the mental health of our employees is extremely important to us: Our company doctors, a counselling service provided by a psychologist and the Getzner Health Team are there for our workforce around the clock.

Getzner Textil respects your privacy

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