bluesign® – We care about our nature.

Consumers are increasingly becoming interested in sustainability aspects. They want to know how the textiles are made.

At the same time, however, they care about innovation and functionality. The bluesign® system allows for both and is the solution for a sustainable production of textiles.

The bluesign® standard guarantees our customers that our products consist exclusively of controlled components and were produced with technological processes that are not harmful to humans or the environment. Getzner Textil is a certified bluesign® system partner and therefore fulfils the strict requirements of the environment and customers.

The chart above defines the bluesign® principles.  Under each key word, you can see how Geztner is active in this area.

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Getzner Textil employs the environmental profit program.

Getzner Textil employs the environmental profit program.

ÖKOPROFIT® stands for environmental and economic profit and was developed by the city of Graz in the early 1990s. The program is protected as a brand and is implemented in many countries, even outside of Europe. ÖKOPROFIT® is a component that can be used to develop a process-oriented environmental management system.


Getzner Textil has the Oecotex certification.

The “Oeco-Tex® standard 100” is a globally standardized review and certification system for textile resources, semi-finished and finished products in all processing phases. Its objective is a total absence of pollutants. All non-textile components in the finishing process are checked as well.

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