We develop sustainable production processes

Energy efficiency has the utmost priority at Getzner Textil. In every process, and with every system upgrade or replacement, we ensure that the equipment is optimally designed and operated as required.

Energy and water consumption
Each year, the hydropower plants of the Getzner Group produce more ­electricity than the ­com­pany needs. Getzner Textil ­therefore makes a con­siderable contribution to the ener­gy independ­ence of Vorarlberg. The spe­cific elec­tricity consumption is approx. 5 kWh/­kg of ma­nu­factured cloth. Within the last five years, the specific heat consumption of approx. 16 kWh/­kg of cloth has been reduced to 11.5 kWh/kg. Na­tural gas is the only energy source used for pro­cess heat.

Through process modifications and technical measures, it has been possible to reduce the specific amount of generated waste in recent years from over 100 l/kg of manufactured cloth to 70 l/kg.

Exhaust air
Consistent process modifications and the use of cutting-edge exhaust systems in the finish­ing department are improving air emissions all the time.

We are constantly striving to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Packaging waste has been significantly reduced in close partnership with our suppliers and, over a period of three years, we have reduced fabric waste per kg of manufactured cloth by 36 %.

What we think – how we act
We recognise the protection of people, the environment and natural resources as a corporate mission and an opportunity.

In the textile industry, the finishing process generally requires a considerable amount of energy, water and chemicals. We have a unique, forward-thinking environmental policy that enables us to safeguard the company’s location in the long term. We use state-of-the-art technologies to protect people, the environment and natural resources, and regularly implement appropriate measures in a targeted manner.

Getzner Textil respects your privacy

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