The Factory Fire Brigade of Getzner Textil AG

Fire prevention, training, and firefighting are the main responsibilities of the company’s fire brigade. Currently, 42 active and 14 passive members ensure more safety on the operating premises.


Originally, the plant managers were responsible for fire prevention in our company.

Later, the overall responsibility was transferred to the technical department that was formed mid-1938. The water supply and the other technical equipment used to fight fires complied with the legal requirements, because we always depended on the local fire department in the event of a large fire.

This is why shareholder DI Sepp Getzner had thought about setting up a powerful factory fire brigade for a long time. By drilling deep wells on the premises, we created an adequate water supply and became mostly independent from the municipal water system.

Experienced members of the staff had volunteered to take part in the first training sessions. Josef Zach, who was, at the same time, the Commander of the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Bürs, took over the group in the bleaching operations. Training efforts were stepped up after the start of the war in 1939. They continued throughout the war, because again and again, new volunteers had to be recruited to replace those men who had been drafted into the military.

Through the integration of the Factory Fire Brigade in the State Fire Fighters Organization of Vorarlberg, our Factory Fire Brigade assumed all the obligations of the voluntary local fire brigades. The uniforms were adjusted to those of other voluntary fire brigades in Austria as well.

The technical equipment was continuously improved. In 1961, our company purchased a modern fire truck. This truck was the now legendary Opel Blitz (lightning). A fire brigade garage was built in the bleaching plant, which also housed the drying tower for the hoses.

The development of the Plant Fire Brigade at Geztner was significantly impacted between the years 1950 to 1983 by Ignaz Batlogg, who held the position of Commander.

In 1983, the former Safety Officer Ing. Richard Pösel took over the position of Commander.

In March 2011, ground was broken for the new fire station. The new fire station houses our vehicles and our equipment, and is in keeping with the latest technological developments.

The training room and lounge can accommodate 50 men and is equipped with multimedia systems of the latest generation.



Our main tasks include:

• Fire prevention

• Training

• Fire fighting

Thanks to the outstanding work of our firefighters and the financial support of our management, we have so far been able to keep our company as damage-free as possible.


Our firefighters came from different departments in Geztner Textil AG.

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