Space for textile innovations

Innovations „made in Austria“ have been Getzner Textil’s motto since 1818. With the bi-stretch 3D technology getzspace,
we are beginning a new chapter in our company’s history. Add another dimension to your ideas – with getzspace.

Thanks to getzspace, we can now produce another textile dimension instead of the flat planes we have usually created in the past. This creates unlimited possibilities for designers and product developers, from the textile industry to industrial use. Reduces the fabrication effort down to a minimum; fewer or even no seams at all – yet nevertheless robust and durable.

We look at textiles from a different perspective

We have the technology. You‘ve got the ideas. That‘s all it takes for us to jointly develop a tailor-made solution that meets your requirements. Let‘s add another dimension to your ideas, and let‘s shape the textile future together!

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