Textile companion in any situation

GUARDIANTEX is a special high-tech fabric for personal protective equipment. Thanks to numerous functional properties, material combinations, coatings and colours, GUARDIANTEX meets the exacting requirements of a wide range of different occupations. One important area where it is used, for example, is protective equipment for military and police forces on operational duty. However, GUARDIANTEX is also used in many other areas where people must wear personal protective equipment in order to be able to perform their jobs. 

The material depends on the situation that calls for its use – 
but the quality always remains the same

Depending on the requirements GUARDIANTEX must meet, we use different yarns to meet them in the optimum way. We rely on manufacturers that value quality and functionality as much as we do. We use 6.6 Cordura® polyamide, polyester, bioactive polyester, polyamide, viscose, cotton and carbon. These materials are also processed in various combinations in order to meet the property specifications. GUARDIANTEX therefore offers perfect protection and is also comfortable to wear.

Camouflage prints for military fabrics – 
perfect design included

On military operations, optimum camouflage is one of the most important requirements. Blending in with the surroundings and preferably not being seen by others are decisive factors. With GUARDIANTEX, we have developed a fabric that perfectly meets these requirements. We are happy to produce it in the design our customer needs. 

Perfectly equipped for all operations – 
numerous protective functions

Different material combinations add specific properties to the fabric. From general requirements like fire retardancy and water repellent properties to specific features for certain operations such as protection against infrared visibility and vectors: GUARDIANTEX offers the perfect finishes for

Combat clothing
Moisture protection
CBRN protection
Backpacks / kitbags
  •    6.6 Cordura® polyamide 
       for backpacks, outer shells and camouflage 
       print/plain applications with or without IRR Polyester 
  •    Polyester
       EN 20471 high-visibility fabric for ambulance staff/medical staff,
       airport ground staff and military police forces
  •    Bioactive polyester  
       for outer shells for bulletproof vests
  •    Polyester/Viskose
       for German Navy scarves 
  •    Polyester/cotton 
       EN 13567 puncture resistant fabrics for bulletproof vests 
  •    Polyester/carbon and polyamide/carbon
       EN 1149 antistatic fabrics for clothing, cover fabrics and backpacks

Protection of life and limb is our top priority

GUARDIANTEX aims to achieve maximum protection whilst also ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer through the use of materials that meet the respective requirements. The functions we have developed are of vital importance to the military, special forces and the police when it comes to personal safety. 


Different substances are used to give the right side of the fabric a flame retardant finish. This is achieved either by means of a dip coating or a padding process.


Synthetic rubbers are elastic polymers that are used to manufacture synthetic versions of natural rubber. Such a coating offers good flame retardancy and high abrasion resistance.


Finishing that offers protection against all types of vectors (disease-transmitting insects) and is based on the substance permethrin. It has the same effect as a neurotoxin on vectors and prevents bites.


An FC finish makes the fabric hydrophobic, and therefore water, dirt and oil repellent.


Adding IR particles to the dye influences the reflection spectrum in such a way that the dyed fabric is virtually or completely undetectable with night vision cameras. Certain colours may need an additional pigment print.


PVC (polyvinyl chloride) absorbs very little water and is resistant to acids, lyes, alcohol, oil and petrol. It extinguishes quickly, unless it is exposed to an additional external flame source. Unlike other technical plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene, for example, the high chlorine content of PVC makes it highly inflammable.


The fabric is covered with a very thin layer of silicone. This is important for parachutes in order to reduce the friction caused by opening the parachute in


Adding silver ions has an antimicrobial effect, inhibits the growth of bacteria, is skin-friendly, prevents odour development and thereby improves the hygiene of textiles.


A polyurethane-based coating with integrated flame retardant substances reduces the tendency to burn.


Polyurethane is used for watertight compact coatings and for microporous and poreless coatings. PU-coated polyamide and polyester fabrics are waterproof, windproof, abrasion and cold resistant.