Almost all of us have experienced noise as a source of irritation. And what is even worse: Noise is continuing to increase in our environment, which can even make people sick in the long run. Patient files of people with allergies, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and migraines have been growing. This is why it is important to protect our ears, two of our most important sensory organs, and to effectively counteract noise.

This is why we have made it one of our main tasks to develop secondary measures in the area of sound insulation. We therefore would like to offer acoustic solutions for interior spaces and in the business segments offices and school.

“Turn down the music a little!”

(Tenant in a residential building)

“Please be quiet, I am on the phone!”

(Employee in an open-space office)

“Don’t make so much noise!”

(Teacher in a school)

“When is this construction finally done?”

(Resident living next to a construction site)

First Attempts

Getzner Textil AG, in cooperation with “Schall-und Wärmemessstelle GmbH” in Aachen, was able to create an acoustically effective solution made from materials from both [MG1] of the Getzner companies. In the past few months, experts and open idea finding methods have helped to collect numerous ideas with regard to acoustics, and some ideas have already matured to the patent application stage. The concept is the “acoustic Bermuda triangle”, which was granted a patent as well.

  • Just as in the Bermuda triangle, sound gets lost in our absorber element in the interior of a space
  • Modular and multi-functional – perfectly customized for your requirements
  • May be used as a broadband absorber or a reflector, depending on the application
  • May be used in the interior both as seating, a table, or a partition
  • Potential application areas are schools, kindergartens, offices, large events, or other spaces that are generally quite noisy

Position Options in the Office

Absorber-Element in einer Ganztagesschule


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