The software simulates the effect of acunic textiles in the room and makes the effect audible.

acunic and VRASQA

How Getzner Textil and VRASQA make the world a little bit better

VRASQA revolutionizes the way we experience spaces. How does that work? This is where acunic's acoustic textiles come into play. Getzner Textil's innovative brand makes it possible to improve room acoustics with sound absorption of up to 90 percent. A promising collaboration.

The VRASQA team with founder David Dorolti consists of four creative minds from Austria and Switzerland. With their software, optimal room acoustics solutions can be found automatically and in the shortest possible time. "Our technologies help to ensure that interiors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also acoustically comfortable. This positively influences the mental health and performance of the people who use these spaces," explains Dorolti. 
Markus Dannreuther, acunic sales manager at Getzner Textil, emphasizes the advantages of the collaboration: "With VRASQA, we can directly enter the key data of the rooms to be optimized during the customer meeting and immediately receive an acoustic concept whose results are audibly simulated so that customers understand the added value. In other words, our goal is to achieve the ideal reverberation time for a wide variety of room uses through the use of acoustic textiles."

Room acoustics concepts automated and tangible

The software solution thus saves time and resources in planning while improving the quality of life in both commercial and private spaces. Dorolti is convinced: "By developing intuitive and easy-to-use technologies, we enable the room acoustics industry to present room acoustics concepts more effectively as well as more comprehensibly. Working with Markus Dannreuther and his team at Getzner Textil is key to our success. We appreciate the openness and efficiency that was already noticeable during our first meeting at architect@work in Vienna." Through the partnership of VRASQA and Getzner Textil, customers benefit from the best possible and up-to-date service.

The software simulates the effect of acunic textiles in the room and makes the effect audible.