Blackbird offspring in Getzner's Buntspechtle

Blackbird offspring in Getzner's Buntspechtle

Over the past two weeks, a small sensation has been observed at our Getzners Buntspechtle nature childcare centre: Two blackbirds were sitting in their nest and caring for their offspring: three little blackbird chicks.

The young blackbird family impressively demonstrates how close to nature our nature childcare really is - because the place between the roof beams right at the entrance to the Buntspechtle was chosen by mum and dad blackbird themselves.

On the initiative of the teachers, a surveillance camera was installed some distance from the nest. This allowed the children to follow the development of the blackbird chicks live on a tablet and watch them being fed up close. The blackbird chicks fledged just two weeks after hatching.

Crowning finale for the "Our native birds" project

The daily update from the bird's nest was the (unplanned) highlight of a six-week project on the topic of "Our native birds". Educator Viktoria Mitterhofer started this project as part of her training as an educational specialist. The children learnt about local birds and actively participated, for example by building a nesting box, making bird food and building various feeding stations.