Construction expansions at the Bludenz site

Construction expansions at the Bludenz site

With the demolition of the old carpenter's workshop and the former electrical warehouse, Getzner Textil AG recently heralded the start of the next major construction project.

Due to the increase in volume in recent years, the need for storage capacity on the premises of the Vorarlberg textile company has correspondingly increased many times over. As a result, it was decided to expand the already existing raw materials high-bay warehouse, which was completed in 2013. "The existing infrastructure has not been able to cope with the dynamic conditions of the market, our constantly growing production output and the high demand for some time now. For this reason, we welcome an expansion of the storage areas as a logical consequence," informs Martin Zech, Head of Technical Services at Getzner Textil AG. The high-bay extension will go into operation in August 2020.

Storage capacity tripled

In order to guarantee smooth implementation of the construction-related steps, extensive demolition work has already begun under the project name "RW-HRL 2019". Subsequently, the existing high-bay warehouse is to be expanded by two rack aisles, corresponding to four rows of racks, and a further finishing extension with additional office facilities is to be built. The expansion will triple the existing storage capacity. In addition, the outdoor area between the weaving mill and the finishing department will be covered with an open flying roof in the future - a modern and central waste station is also planned. Furthermore, the adaptation and renewal of the complete outdoor facilities as well as the underground lines between the production buildings will be carried out.


Image source: GTAG