Digital Future Award for Getzner apprentice

Digital Future Award for Getzner apprentice

To mark its 50th anniversary, the Rotary Club of Bludenz called on young people to actively help shape the future with ideas relating to the use of artificial intelligence. One winner of this Digital Future Award is Naroa Mathis, who is completing her training as a textile designer at Getzner Textil.

Naroa Mathis at the award ceremony

"My idea is about using artificial intelligence as a creative partner in the design process to create innovative and efficient design solutions," explains Naroa Mathis. The 17-year-old is completing her training in textile design at Getzner Textil, where she is currently learning how ideas are turned into designs and ultimately into finished fabrics - for example damask for African fashion. She sees artificial intelligence as an assistance tool that allows designers more time for creative aspects and strategic decisions.

CEO Roland Comploj, trainer Katharina Fiedler, winner Naroa Mathis, Perrine Getzner (Head of Apprentice Training) and Thomas Ludescher (President of the Rotary Club Bludenz) from left to right.

"Design 2.0" convinces

18 project ideas were submitted for the Rotary Club Bludenz's Digital Future Award - two of them from apprentices at Getzner Textil. "Artificial intelligence is an integral part of our present and future. What we need now are answers - and clever ideas on how the enormous potential of this technology can be utilised in such a way that the effect on society and the planet is as positive as possible," explains Thomas Ludescher, President of the Rotary Club. Naroa Mathis impressed the jury with her "Design 2.0" concept and won one of the three main prizes totalling 3000 euros. 

Naroa Mathis, CEO Roland Comploj and Thomas Ludescher (President of the Rotary Club Bludenz) at the handover ceremony

With openness and curiosity

She was supported by her trainer Katharina Fiedler: "At Getzner Textil, we are particularly keen to support young talents with their creative ideas, as they shape the future. Naroa's success shows how important it is to courageously question traditional approaches and to look at the world with openness and curiosity without prejudice."