Environmental certificate for Getzner Textil

Environmental certificate for Getzner Textil

Getzner Textil AG was awarded the ISO 50001 certification by TÜV Austria - a globally valid standard that supports organizations and companies in establishing systematic energy management. This certification ensures that energy efficiency is increased in a targeted manner throughout the company and that potential savings are identified or appropriate measures are taken.

Energy efficiency as a declared goal

In particular, energy-related performance and the associated CO2 emissions in the production areas of weaving and finishing, which are the biggest influencing factors, are to be sustainably reduced. Employees in all areas are not only informed about the results, but are also actively involved in the process and thus make a significant contribution to the energy management system ("EnMS"). Suppliers of machinery, raw materials and services are also regularly encouraged to work as energy-efficiently as possible. When procuring products, services and raw materials, energy efficiency is an essential selection and decision criterion.

"No manufacturer offers sustainability at this level"

Both environmental protection and sustainable action have had a high priority for Getzner Textil for many years. Responsibility for the shared living space has the same priority as product quality. "Our processes are constantly being improved and audited again and again. The careful, conscious use of resources is a key part of Getzner's corporate philosophy. The active participation of our employees is a key factor in the implementation of our environmental policy," informs Roland Comploj, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Getzner Textil AG, and continues, "Today we can say that no other textile manufacturer offers sustainability at this level."

Responsibility for the region and people

Production processes in our company are continuously improved and designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The most important measures here include not only increasing energy efficiency through state-of-the-art technologies, but also active heat recovery. The company's own district heating network supplies numerous private and public buildings in the nearby area - such as the local Val Blu swimming pool - with sustainable heat.

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Image sources: Marcel Hagen, Studio 22; Frl. Müller & Söhne; Getzner Textil AG