Heat recovery

Expansion of district heating

Expansion of district heating

Getzner Textil's district heating network has been in operation since 2001 and utilises the waste heat recovered from the compressor systems, the flue gas heat exchanger of the steam boiler systems and, more recently, the waste heat from the lye recovery systems. This creates a triple win-win situation, because it is good for the customers, for Getzner Textil as an energy supplier and for the environment.

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Even more users

Since then, the district heating network has supplied heat to numerous public buildings in the immediate vicinity of the company's headquarters as well as the local Val Blu outdoor and indoor swimming pool. In autumn 2023, this list was extended once again, as the primary school in the centre of Bludenz and the kindergarten in the centre of Bludenz are now also connected.

A few figures

The total amount of district heating supplied each year is around 10,000 MWh, of which around half is supplied externally and the other half is used internally. This amount of energy corresponds to approximately 1,000,000 litres of heating oil and reduces CO2 emissions by around 3,000 tonnes per year. This makes a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact and supports the transition to more environmentally friendly forms of energy.

Connected to the Getzner Textil district heating network:

  • Bludenz Education Centre
  • Bludenz town school centre
  • Caritas Bludenz
  • Teaching hotel Rätia
  • Bludenz secondary school
  • Alpenländische Wohnbau
  • ValBlu Resort
  • Federal High School Bludenz
  • Primary school and kindergarten Bludenz centre