"Getzners Buntspechtle" officially opened

"Getzners Buntspechtle" officially opened

In cooperation with the city of Bludenz, Getzner Textil opened the first company nature childcare center "Getzners Buntspechtle" on October 20, 2023. All those involved were invited to the celebrations, which were followed by a blessing and tour. State Governor Barbara Schöbi-Fink delivered words of greeting.

"Company childcare services are important for the compatibility of family and career. The innovative project 'Getzners Buntspechtle' creates an environment in which children are supported holistically in their development from an early age and can develop creatively," said State Governor Barbara Schöbi-Fink, congratulating the family-owned company on the showcase project. "In the new nature group, we are investing around 200,000 euros in construction costs and more than 40,000 euros in the form of internally expended working hours," informed CEO Roland Comploj, directing his thanks to the state of Vorarlberg, which supported the implementation with a grant of thirty percent.

Successful cooperation

"Getzners Buntspechtle" is the second company childcare facility that has been implemented in cooperation with the city of Bludenz. In total, the two facilities currently offer space for 35 children. Mayor Simon Tschann appreciates the good cooperation with Getzner Textil. "Every expansion of the childcare facilities is another step towards family-friendliness and quality of life in our town," says Tschann.

In picture: from left Perrine Getzner (Getzner Textil), pedagogical director Silke Wachter, construction manager Manuel Witwer, state governor Barbara Schöbi-Fink, mayor Simon Tschann, CEO Roland Comploj, Sandra Milosavac (city of Bludenz), city councilor for education Bernhard Corn.

Heart project childcare

From the initial idea to the opening, "Getzners Buntspechtle" was a special concern of Perrine Getzner. As coordinator of the project, she particularly emphasizes the importance of high-quality childcare for returning to work. "The facility meets the criteria of the 'Compatibility Indicator Families and Work' (VIF) through extended opening hours and thus offers parents the highest possible flexibility."

In the picture: The pedagogues of "Getzners Buntspechtle" (from left) Silke Wachter (management), Viktoria Mitterhofer, Ivonne Suvak, Irene Witwer

Pedagogical focus "MINT

In the nature childcare "Getzners Buntspechtle", the sixteen children aged two to three years spend most of their time outdoors - rituals such as the daily morning circle or the break for a snack take place in nature. The pedagogical director Silke Wachter explains: "It is particularly important for us that the focus is always on the child and its needs. We want to give the children a playful approach to education, because playing is learning and the highest form of research, as Einstein already knew. For this, the child needs an environment in which he or she feels comfortable and material that encourages exploration."