Barbara Paul is responsible for sustainability at Getzner.

"Go green" with Getzner Textil

"Go green" with Getzner Textil

When Barbara Paul talks about her job as ESG manager, you immediately realise: this woman lives sustainability. She is spot on with this at Getzner Textil. The long-established company not only cares about its employees, but also about the environment.

Barbara Paul has been part of the Bludenz-based family business for around one and a half years. As a qualified materials scientist, she has of course known Getzner Textil for much longer. "Getzner is a long-standing corporate partner of the Research Institute for Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics at the University of Innsbruck," explains the former project coordinator. After completing her Master's degree in materials and nanosciences, it was clear to Paul that she wanted to specialise in product management and sustainability. "I've always been fascinated by textiles and their technical properties," she explains. The step towards Getzner Textil as one of the world's leading manufacturers of fabrics for African fashion, shirts and blouses as well as corporate fashion and technical textiles was therefore an obvious one. 

Sustainability - an issue for the entire company

"At Getzner, I was given the opportunity to develop a sustainable collection," Paul recalls her early days as Development Coordinator. "A short time later, it became clear that we wanted to give the topic of sustainability and ESG even more space and, due to the legal reporting obligation, we had to. ESG stands for environmental, social and governance, i.e. sustainability that also includes social and ecological aspects as well as sustainable corporate governance." So the range of topics is huge, but so is Barbara Paul's motivation. "My work is incredibly varied - and because sustainability affects almost every area, I have to deal with almost every department at Getzner," says the ESG officer, outlining her day-to-day work.

Role model without instructions

Paul can see the "S" in practice at ESG for himself every day. "Working together as equals was the basic prerequisite for me to say 'yes' to Getzner back then," says Paul.  As a multi-award-winning company, the textile group is constantly raising the bar for itself. "For me, Getzner Textil is a modern company - that starts with the products and machinery, continues with the company flats and the company's own childcare centre and extends to numerous benefits such as the climate ticket, which I am happy to use." Barbara Paul doesn't just live sustainability at work: "If you're committed to sustainability, you have to be a role model and raise awareness - in yourself and in others. But without a preachy tone, please." Getzner Textil and Barbara Paul agree on this.