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Interview with „Oscar of Sweden“

Once upon a time there was a non-iron shirt in Sweden...

... colour-woven in Bludenz – in the heart of Europe. This is how the story of Oscar of Sweden could begin and describe the arrival of easy-care shirts in Scandinavia. The designs are still colourful and casual today and the company is one of Getzner Textil's biggest fashion customers. The sales directors Fredrik Samuelsson and Mattias Emanuelsson visited us in spring and told us about pioneering work, cooperation and why they always enjoy coming to Bludenz.

Can you tell us a little bit about your company?

Fredrik: The company was found in 1949 and has been specialized in shirts since then. For a long time, the company was family-run. Right now we are the third owners. I started in the company in 1993 and became a board member in the beginning of 2000 and also part owner in 2008. Right now we have the brand Oscar of Sweden but the company name is Fashionisland Sverige. Mattias and I are working in sales but also develop our collections.

Since when have you been working with Getzner Textil and why are you here today?

Fredrik: We have been working with Getzner for thirty or forty years, I don’t know exactly actually. When I entranced the company in 1993 Getzner was already an important supplier and we growed a lot with Getzner in the 90s and in the beginning of 2000. I have been visiting Getzner since 1999 twice a year because Getzner designs a big part of our collection. We also need to create a lot of exklusive things, we need more colour combinations in some articles. So we’re coming here and work with your fantastic designteam and develop things together with them. Typical for Scandinavia or Sweden is the difference in colour thinking. We often need brighter colours and that’s why we also do some exclusive things.

What is it that makes Oscar of Sweden unique and which role does Getzner play in this?

Fredrik: Oscar of Sweden has it’s certain DNA of course. We were the ones who introduced the non-iron shirt in Sweden and Scandinavia – in cooperation with Getzner. We have been following this business since the beginning of the 90s and therefore Getzner has been really important for us. Imagine: Ten years ago, when people in Sweden were talking about non-iron shirts they were in fact talking about Oscar of Sweden. And we also started to export at that time and the business is growing steadily. 

Getzner is our most important supplier – our main supplier actually. So on the colour-woven we are working with Getzner mainly.

What do you appreciate most in working with Getzner?

Fredrik: I would say that we have a unique relationship with the people at Getzner. We have mutual respect for each other. And we really appreciate the service we receive, both in the sales department and also in the design department. We have full support and that’s really important for us. Then you also have your company located in a wonderful, amazing place like Bludenz. So for us it’s always a pleasure to come here, visit you and work with your amazing staff.

"It’s important for us to work with a leading company. Getzner is definitely leading the textile business in Europe."
Fredrik Samuelsson

Do you like being outdoors? Do you enjoy nature in Austria?

Fredrik: Yes, we do! Our wake-up call this morning was at quarter to seven. Mattias and I put on our training shoes and had a morning walk in Braz – for 45 minutes just feeling the environment and the air. So yes – we really love this area. We both are here quite often for skiing and hiking. It’s an amazing place to be.

How important is sustainability for you?

Fredrik: It’s getting more and more important. What we see is that our final customers – especially the young generation – is much more aware of the topic of sustainability. One part of sustainability for us is that we produce our shirts nearby: We are only producing in Europe and buy our fabrics in a radius of 200 kilometres from here. So we are always looking for the shortest way. Another part of sustainability is that we are always trying to take the best possible fabric with the lowest impact on the environment. If there are two options – a good one and a bad one for the environment – we always choose the good one.

Thank you for your time and the insights.


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