Interview with Peter Duelli

Business partners at eye level since 1924

At "Duelli Hemden" in Satteins, customised shirts have been made from Getzner Textil fabrics for a hundred years. Owner Peter Duelli is the third generation to run the bespoke tailoring business. For him, two things are of particular value in the collaboration: value creation in the region and mutual appreciation.

Peter Duelli im Gespräch

As a Getzner customer from the very beginning, "Duelli Hemden" has witnessed the heyday and decline of numerous textile companies in the country in just three generations. "I remember the 70s and 80s as golden times. I took over the business at the beginning of the 90s. Back then, there were still many textile companies in the region and fabrics were purchased regionally from several companies. Today, only Getzner Textil is left in Vorarlberg - so the majority of our 300 or so fabric samples come from Getzner," says Peter Duelli about the changes over the years.

Focus on the big picture

Duelli is particularly proud of the regional production of the fabric: "Working with a local textile producer is very important to us. I also inform customers that they are getting a product from me that comes 100 per cent from Vorarlberg, from the fabric to the finished made-to-measure shirt." This means that the focus is always on value creation in the local economy. "Another big advantage for me is that I can also order smaller quantities - sometimes just two or ten metres. That cannot be taken for granted these days."

Peter Duelli

A look back, a step forwards

From the cutting to the last buttonhole, Duelli shirts are made almost entirely by hand. Today, the sewing workshop is fully staffed with four sewers. "The maximum number of sewers used to be twenty. Numerous inhabitants of Satteins have worked for us," says Duelli, emphasising the importance of the business. "The search for skilled labour has also become increasingly difficult for us. Unfortunately, it was not possible to find a successor," summarises Duelli

With retirement in sight, we had the opportunity to take a look back with Peter Duelli. We would like to thank him warmly for the insights and the personal dialogue and, above all, for the many years of appreciative collaboration. All the best!