"Parent café" of Getzner Textil AG

"Parent café" of Getzner Textil AG

On February 13, the renowned textile company invited all employees on parental leave to coffee and cake at the premises of Caritas Bludenz.

The "Parents' Café" initiative, a timely joint project of the Works Council and the Human Resources Department of Getzner Textil AG, once again brings together employees on leave, their offspring, and representatives of the company and the city of Bludenz. "Staying on the ball" is the motto here, because it is often difficult for parents on maternity leave to keep in touch with the company and stay informed.


"On the one hand, our 'Parents' Café' offers those on maternity leave the perfect setting to keep up to date internally, but on the other hand, it also provides an opportunity to exchange important experiences with other parents who are also working at the company," informs Perrine Palombo, Chairwoman of the Employees' Council of Getzner Textil AG, and continues, "For us, too, the joint exchange with parents is extremely important, because early planning for the time after maternity leave makes it easier for both sides to return to work."

Better reconciliation of family and career

The popular "Parents' Café" takes place once a year in the premises of the company's own toddler care center "Getzner's Buntstiftle", which were made available by Caritas Bludenz, an important partner in the immediate vicinity of the company. This year, too, parents took the opportunity to visit the facility and learn about the wide range of childcare options from Silke Wachter, head of the "Getzner's Buntstiftle" daycare center, in a cozy atmosphere.

With the opening of the crèche, under the sponsorship of the city of Bludenz, in which children aged 12 months to 3 years receive qualified and age-appropriate care all year round, Getzner Textil AG already sent a clear signal in the fall of 2016 to improve the work-life balance of its employees. Ralf Engelmann, head of the education department of the city of Bludenz, emphasized here in a short speech the importance of the institution, but also of the successful cooperation with the traditional company.

Image sources: Frederick Sams