Smart solutions made in Vorarlberg

Smart solutions made in Vorarlberg

The cooperation between the family-owned company Getzner Textil AG and Optidry GmbH shows how efficiently modern companies deal with the demands of the digital age. Together they are breaking new ground in the field of smart textile solutions.

With today's signing of the contract, a strategic partnership at eye level was decided between the two companies in Vorarlberg - the course for the future has been set, the compass points to technology and innovation. Getzner Textil AG has a 30 percent stake in Optidry GmbH. Both companies want to set new standards, especially in the field of moisture monitoring and early detection of water damage.

Fabric for the future

"Getzner Textil has always been concerned with topics that are forward-looking. These include buzzwords such as digitalization, the Internet of Things, and also smart textiles -  within the meaning of intelligent textiles," emphasizes Hannes Tschofen, head of the Technics business unit. The cooperation with Optidry was therefore a logical step to exploit synergies. "With Optidry, we have an accomplished partner at our side with whom we can make intelligent textiles even smarter and optimally network our developments," adds Roland Comploj, CEO of Getzner Textil.

Active early detection of water damage

Optidry GmbH offers a modular system for the early detection of water damage. For this purpose, a sensor tape is laid during construction or renovation, which digitally reads moisture ingress and protects public as well as private buildings from potential water damage. "I am pleased that we have found an experienced partner in Getzner, which will certainly take us forward both strategically and in terms of internationalization, new products and new markets," said Markus Daxer, CEO of Optidry.

Image source: Ivo Vögel Photography