Getzner brocade in Dakar

„Soirée Autrichienne“: Getzner-brocade in Dakar

„Soirée Autrichienne“: Getzner-brocade in Dakar

In May of this year, a "Soirée Autrichienne" took place at the Hotel Terrou-Bi in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. An important part of this "Austrian Evening" - designed and planned by the Austrian Embassy - was, among other things, a special fashion show sponsored by Getzner Textil.

Zeitgeist of young Senegal

Germany's best-known male model Alpha Dia –  under whose patronage the fashion show was held - worked with five young Senegalese stylists to tailor modern models made of Getzner-Brocade, which were showcased at the event. The aim was to support the young tailors and provide them with a platform where they could demonstrate their skills. In the course of this, cool and particularly extravagant models were created that reflect the zeitgeist of young Senegal.

We are highly  pleased that our brocade is also very popular with the young designers and that we were able to support this great project in this way.

The models were perfectly staged by  Stefan Kleinowitz - in the following slideshow we present an exciting selection.

Image sources: Stefan Kleinowitz; Austrian Embassy Dakar