Successful audit for more sustainability

Successful audit for more sustainability

At the end of last year, the TÜV Austria surveillance audit for certification of the energy management system in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard was successfully completed. You could also say that we were once again able to prove that energy consumption, CO2 emissions and resource-conserving production are important to us. Getzner Textil has been certified since July 2021, demonstrating that we systematically manage energy efficiency and take responsibility for the environment.

Getzner convinces sustainably

"The successfully implemented projects in the area of energy efficiency and compliance with the measures required by the standard were convincing in the audit and we were able to demonstrate a further major improvement in the energy management system," says Michael Schranz, Head of Environmental Technology and Energy Management Officer, delighted with the official confirmation.

Expansion of the district heating network

Significant successes have been achieved through internal heating optimisation in the refining area. The waste heat from lye recovery is fed into the district heating network and cooling water consumption is significantly reduced as a result. At the same time, the district heating network was expanded in the course of 2023, connecting additional users such as the Bludenz Mitte primary school and kindergarten.

Photovoltaics, electromobility and more

A lot is also being planned for 2024: the output of the planned photovoltaic system on the Weberei roof in Bludenz corresponds to the electricity requirements of around 270 single-family homes and 12 charging points have already been installed for our electromobility at the visitor car park and for company vehicles. To ensure that we continue to take the right steps towards sustainable and resource-conserving production at the site in the future, we are working together with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) on a decarbonisation concept that aims to gradually phase out fossil fuels and achieve CO2 neutrality at the site.

There is an ongoing exchange of information with other companies in Vorarlberg, which is made possible by participation in the energy efficiency networks of Illwerke VKW AG and the "TUN" association for the implementation of the European Green Deal.

What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 is a voluntary international standard for energy management systems. It applies to organisations of all sizes and contains requirements for the introduction, management and improvement of energy consumption and energy efficiency. With an effective energy management system, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and therefore costs can be reduced.