Family at Bürser Schlucht

"Sustainably strengthening the compatibility of family and work"

"Sustainably strengthening the compatibility of family and work"

Getzner Textil has once again been awarded the "Excellent Family-Friendly Company" seal of quality.

This year's award ceremony for the most family-friendly companies in Vorarlberg was held for the 13th time and attracted a record number of participants. The textile specialist from Bludenz was also pleased to receive the seal of quality for the second time.

Roland Comploj – CEO der Getzner Textil.

"In our increasingly individualized world, the family has a special significance as a central relationship community. It is the primary place where people experience trust, security, care and solidarity. As a family business with deep roots in the region, we are committed to this essential community of values. With this in mind, we want to make an active contribution through a wide range of measures to help our employees achieve the best possible balance between family and career."

Roland Comploj
Chairman of the Board/CEO

„Buntstiftle“: In-house childcare für small children

In recent years, the company has set various important accents. In particular, the establishment of the company's own toddler care "Getzners Buntstiftle" enjoys great popularity. "Our toddler care, which we have been operating together with the city of Bludenz since 2016, is very well received by our employees," informs Perrine Getzner, who is responsible for the toddler care area. "For the past two years, we have been completely booked up, so we are working flat out to be able to open a second group as soon as possible."

Comprehensive leave management

Other measures, such as financial support for childcare costs, comprehensive maternity leave management (from notification of pregnancy to return to work) and active support for fathers through part-time options, lay the foundation for the seamless reintegration of parents into working life. Organized meetings for those on maternity leave (e.g. the "Parent-Child Coffee" and the "Discovery Room") ensure regular exchange. The support services are rounded off by vacation childcare options - in cooperation with the city of Bludenz - and an in-house psychological counseling service.

"In the future, too, further focal points are to be consistently set in order to sustainably strengthen the compatibility of family and career. This is a major concern for us and we will continue to mobilize all available resources in favor of the well-being of our employees."

Perrine Getzner
Responsible for the area of childcare

Image sources: Frederick Sams; Marcel Hagen/Studio 22