Sy Getzner opens new boutique in Dakar

Sy Getzner opens new boutique in Dakar

New boutique „Sy Getzner“ in Dakar

In the shopping centre "Sea Plaza" in Senegal's capital Dakar, a new "Sy Getzner" boutique was recently opened, which could also be located in Zimbapark or Messepark in Austria. Modernly furnished, bright and with a wide range of damask fabrics - made in Vorarlberg.

Hugo Boss, Levis and Getzner

For more than 40 years, West Africa and Getzner Textil have been writing (fabric) history together. While damask used to be bought at traditional markets, the fabric can now also be purchased in air-conditioned boutiques. For example, in the "Sea Plaza" in the megacity of Dakar. In the shopping centre - with a view of the Atlantic Ocean - you will not only find shops from Mango, Hugo Boss and Levis, but also from Sy Getzner.

Tradition and modernity

Tobias König, Head of the Africa Business Unit, had the pleasure of cutting the ribbon at the opening together with owner Ousmane Sy. "The Sy family shows that tradition and modernity are not a contradiction," König emphasises. At the opening there was therefore not only be prayer and singing, but also a DJ and the guests will include celebrities and influencers.

A fabric with history

"Brocade plays a major role in West African culture," König explains, adding that the usually colourful fabric is worn especially for Friday prayers, birthdays, weddings and Muslim festivals. And almost no household should be without it. About 40 years ago, the 90-year-old father and founder Souleye Sy laid the foundation for the cooperation with Getzner Textil, and now his children Ousmane and Seynabou are carrying on the tradition in a modern way.