The Getzner Textil Group reports sales of 416 million euros for the past fiscal year

The Getzner Textil Group reports sales of 416 million euros for the past fiscal year

The Getzner Textil Group reports sales of 416 million euros for the past fiscal year - an increase of 4.8 percent compared to 2020.

From massively increased raw material and freight costs to material shortages and delivery failures, the 2021 financial year was characterized by strong dynamics and unforeseen developments. The individual business units of Getzner Textil AG, which produce more than 78 million meters of fabric at seven locations with over 1,400 employees, had to face different challenges in their respective markets.

Strong market position and stable growth

The key factors behind the record sales were the strong market position and stable growth of the Africa business unit, which produces high-quality apparel damask and sells it in West Africa. The unbroken demand despite Corona resulted in full capacity utilization of production. The Shirting business unit, which focuses on the production of high-quality shirting fabrics, was held back by the trade lockdown, but saw a significant recovery in demand over the course of the year - thanks to the trend towards sustainable fabrics produced in Europe. Due to the global semiconductor shortage, the Mobility business unit was confronted with a decline in orders. The production of seat cover fabrics and backing fabrics for the adhesive tapes used in cable harness sheathing was unable to escape the reduced production volumes in the automotive industry. After two years of restructuring, the Technics business unit scored with high-quality technical textiles such as climbing skin fabrics for touring skis, high-end sleeping bags and highly functional fabrics for personal protective equipment for authorities and emergency services.

28 Millionen Euro: Investments in the future

In order to meet the generally increasing demand for fabrics produced sustainably and in Europe, Getzner Textil is deliberately pursuing an expansion-oriented yet moderate investment policy. As a clear commitment to the location, 28 million euros are currently being invested in Bludenz. A modern storage infrastructure for semi-finished products has been built and investments have been made in the latest machine technologies for finishing textiles. The expansion of the fully automated finished goods warehouse, including a robot-assisted packing line, has been planned and is currently under construction.

Roland Comploj – CEO der Getzner Textil.

"We are quite positive about the business development. Even though geopolitical uncertainties are increasing, we have positioned ourselves well and are convinced that we can continue to meet our customers' trust and expectations. Through further investment in equipment and skilled labor, we intend to position ourselves even more clearly as a stable innovator on the market and thus establish ourselves as the first port of call for development projects. I would like to thank our employees and co-managers for the successes we have achieved and for their intensive commitment!"

Roland Comploj

Image sources: Marcel Hagen, Studio 22; Multimediafabrik GmbH