Unsere Lehrlinge Chiara und Mathias beantworten im Rahmen des Videobots alle Fragen rund um das Thema Lehre.

Videobot – answer to (almost) all questions

Videobot – answer to (almost) all questions

With the  „Getzner Videobot“ and the „Getzner 360-Tour“ , those responsible for apprenticeships at Getzner Textil are setting new standards and making great strides towards digitalization.

As a pioneer in apprenticeship training, Getzner Textil has been one of the region's "Excellent Apprenticeship Companies" for more than twenty years. The company's management attaches great importance to constantly improving and developing the training processes and offerings. Over the years, numerous effective measures have been implemented to optimize apprenticeship training.

Direct feedback from apprentices

From the introduction of our own interactive apprentice app, to the acquisition of a state-of-the-art 3D printer for efficient training in practice, to the extensive expansion of the range of personality-building seminars - apprenticeship training at Getzner is a living system that is constantly evaluated and further developed. "Direct feedback from apprentices as well as trainers plays a particularly important role here, as it allows those responsible for apprenticeships to examine the measures put in place from different perspectives and optimize them as needed," explains Perrine Getzner, Head of Apprenticeship Training.

Exklusive 360-Degree Insights

Since the company appears quite inconspicuous from the outside, our company has recently been presenting itself up close to apprenticeship seekers with the digital "360 Tour" - including VR glasses at events such as apprentice fairs. "From the Vorwerk to the laboratory - with the help of drone footage and exclusive video insights, we offer detailed glimpses into all areas of our operation. This allows interested parties to investigate and examine the workplace where they may work in the future."


„Videobot“ – uncomplicated look behind the scenes

One of the biggest projects that has been successfully completed in the course of the digitization efforts, despite all the pandemic odds, is the "Getzner Videobot." "The bot offers apprenticeship seekers and interested parties uncomplicated, anonymous access to both the company and the apprenticeship itself," informs the head of apprenticeship training, adding, "Of course, our apprentices - our skilled workers of the future - did not miss the opportunity to actively participate in the planning and implementation: In the form of virtual avatars, Chiara and Mathias personally accompany users through the diverse Getzner world."


Looking for an apprenticeship? Ask Chiara!

From the application and admission process to explanations of the individual apprenticeships and important information on salary, bonuses and social benefits - the likeable avatars take a detective's look behind the scenes. They answer all questions and provide interested parties not only with unadulterated detailed insights into everyday working life at Getzner Textil, but also with information about the importance of apprenticeship training for the successful family-owned company. The bot is, of course, constantly fed with the latest and most exciting content relating to the textile company.